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Post-Op Care


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Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massages (LDM) are paramount to your recovery process and maximizing cosmetic results after liposuction, tummy tuck or BBL. LDM reduces swelling, treats seromas, prevents fibrosis, and removes metabolic waste and toxins that are stored in the tissues. The post-op LDM treatment will help with draining the lymphatic fluid retention. Our treatment includes LED light therapy, hand manipulation lymphatic drainage, electrostatic polarization lymphatic drainage, ultrasonic cavitation therapy, and infrared sauna detox.


Please note that you may purchase a package for special pricing.

60 min - $150
90 min - $225
wood therapy.jpeg
Wood Therapy Sculpting

Wood therapy utilizes tools and manual techniques that help enhance your post-op results and promote lymphatic drainage. This treatment improves circulation, eliminates toxins, and stimulates metabolization. Ultimately, it will tone, tighten, and reduce overall circumference.


Please note that wood therapy is contraindicated immediately after surgery and will only be performed before your surgery or 3-6 months after healing.

60 min - $115
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