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Signature Services

At Health & Beauty for Life we leverage therapeutic technology with professional spa treatments for maximum results.

Explore Our Signature Services

Body Sculpting

We believe that every(body) is fearfully and wonderfully made! Everyone has a different shape and set of features — it’s what makes you unique and special. We offer a range of non-invasive body sculpting treatments to address your unique body type and personal needs.


Our Wellness Memberships allow you to invest in your overall wellbeing! We offer two exclusive membership packages for $90/Monthly or $200/Monthly. With our memberships there are no enrollment fees and no commitment. $90/Monthly Membership includes choice of 1 of the 3 services: 60-minute Swedish massage, European deep cleansing facial, or full body scrub. $200/Monthly Membership includes 2-hour Deluxe Trio Package including a Swedish massage, European deep cleansing facial, or full body scrub per month.

Body Treatments

Our body treatments will help you detox, eliminate cellulite and tighten loose skin, exfoliate away dead skin cells, and produce healthy, glowing skin. We incorporate non-invasive technology and skin care products that are specifically for improving the appearance and feel of skin. Providing you with some of the best in the industry, our body treatments will help you achieve your best version - however you define it!

Spa Packages

Our signature spas are bundles of wellness! Our most popular package is the Deluxe Trio Package that includes 20 min Infrared Sauna Session, 35 min Body Scrub mixed with Essential Oils, 5 min Private Raindrop Shower, 40 min Swedish Massage, and 20 min Mini Facial. Other signature packages include Perfect Buds, Blooming Trio, Revival Retreat, and Slim & Win.

Customized Massages

Our massages our customized to your individual needs. We offer therapeutic massages and technology that are designed to help a range of conditions that can be treated with massage therapy. Whether you require attention on your back, muscles, joints, or other areas of discomfort, we guarantee that your massage experience will help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Specialized Facials

Our specialized facial treatments enhance your natural beauty. Each facial is carefully tailored to meet your skin type and concerns. We offer acne treatments, anti-aging treatments, treatments for brightening, hydration, and much more. With our variety of European skin care products and galvanic technology, our facials will help you achieve vibrant and restored skin in no time.