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Convenient Hair Removal With the Soprano ICE Laser

Do you find the process of hair removal to be extremely monotonous and tedious? Are you looking for a convenient way to free up your time for more enjoyable activities? If so, a laser hair treatment may be right for you.

Convenient Hair Removal With the Soprano ICE Laser
Convenient Hair Removal With the Soprano ICE Laser

Many residents of Alexandria, Virginia have undergone this type of treatment for the permanent removal of unwanted hair from areas like their legs, face, bikini area, arms and underarms. The Soprano ICE laser is surging in popularity right now among those looking for a hair removal treatment that is safe for all skin types.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a convenient cosmetic treatment that has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. Only a few treatment sessions (5-6) are needed to remove unwanted hair permanently, so that you can have more time during your day for activities that are less tedious.

How It Works

Laser hair removal works through targeted laser energy that is absorbed by hair follicles, destroying them and their ability to grow hair in the treatment area. Something called melanin, which gives your hair its color, absorbs this energy, which is then converted into heat that destroys the hair bulb.

The Soprano ICE Laser Removal Device

The model that our boutique spa uses has the Speed 810nm applicator and facial tip because it is the most universal.

This innovative system is able to cool your skin to prevent burns. It is highly efficient, but virtually painless, allowing you to enjoy skin that is hair-free and smooth without the discomfort associated with traditional laser treatments.

Benefits of the Soprano ICE System:

  • Virtually painless: The sensations that you experience are like that of a massage.

  • Fast: Treatment sessions are quick, even for large areas like the back or legs.

  • Works for all skin and hair types: Effective on both light and dark skin, as well as fine or coarse hair.

  • Perfect safety record: Safe for even dark skin.

  • Wide-ranging: Works on any bodily area, including hard-to-reach or sensitive places like the bikini line, nostrils and ears.

  • No downtime: You can immediately resume normal activities, including physical exercise.

Multiple Sessions Needed

Some patients wonder why multiple treatment sessions are required for the permanent removal of hair. The reason is that each of your hair follicles has its own independent hair growth cycle. Only a hair follicle in its growth cycle can be treated. A given hair follicle may be in a growth cycle while another one nearby is in a resting phase. Multiple sessions allows us to treat hair follicles when they happen to be in a growth phase.


To get the most out of your treatment, you will need to make certain preparations and also take care of the treatment area after your procedure. Do not undergo prolonged UV radiation exposure for one week before or after your treatment, including the use of tanning beds. This is because the laser is attracted to dark pigment; we want only hair follicles in the treatment area to be affected. UV radiation exposure after your treatment can also lead to adverse events.

Your Appointment

After hair in the treatment area has been shaved down a bit, your technician will adjust the laser equipment and deliver laser energy into hair follicles in the treatment area.

Your Consultation

If you are ready to permanently retire your razor, we encourage you to learn more and book your Soprano ICE laser hair removal appointment.

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